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I am Alastair Toft, a Sixth Form student in Dorset, England. I have a strong interest in Science, especially Physics. I have also been proficient with computers since a young age, as evidenced by some of the projects posted here at AddyMotion.com

I have had a website of sorts since the days of Yahoo Geocities whilst still in Primary school. The current design showcases videos, Flash Games, mod level design, and any other random stuff I may happen to put on it. It was created in 2011, coded from scratch in HTML and CSS, and I have updated it and improved it as part of my DofE skills section.

In 2013 I won a competition for designing a level based on the game Half-Life 2: Episode 2. In the past I have created Flash games about cheese-obsessed Worms, music videos about Portals, and a series of animations based around Mario sprites. I also won an award for making a film about cress. Seriously.

October 2013

I am terrible at updating the site regularly, but for now I would like to write briefly about what I've been up to. As I mentioned, I have been using the Source SDK , and am currently working on a full mod which I would like to be released in early 2014. You can see some of my progress on it on the ModDB website. I have also been using my (limited) experience in this topic to write about it at LambdaGeneration, a Valve community website which has existed since 2010, and was relaunched this year. I am one of two "editors" of the Modding and Development section, meaning I post regularly-ish about the community's creations.

Out in the real world, I am applying to study Natural Sciences and Physics at uni. This is a subject that I really enjoy learning about, looking for a scientific understanding of the universe and the things that we still do not know. I often go to community lectures and try to constantly learn more about the subject; I'm really looking forward to studying it at university. Hopefully I will be there by this time next year, and I'm sure this site will once again change as I do new things.

Thanks for reading a bit about me and my obscure website, whoever you are!

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